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Why does your credit score affect your ability to buy a home?

March 19th, 2012
“Credit Score”, more talked about but less understood term. What do you understand by credit score? Credit score specifies the risk you stand for to a lender as compared to is other consumers or loan seekers. The higher the score, the better it is and lower is the risk of bad debts for the lender. Credit score is a measure to evaluate and find out the amount of risk associated with the person if money is lent to him/her. Credit Score acts as a tool for the lender to decide the amount of risk which he is taking by lending money to the borrower.
Getting a mortgage is usually the largest and most time consuming loan that a person applies and avails in his life. It is the most crucial financial, family decision one has to take. It is very important for you to know how the credit score is calculated and what role it plays in determining your rate of interest on the mortgage. Credit report is nothing but a number showing your likeliness of paying back the debt that you have borrowed. There is no thumb rule for calculating the credit score. Each lender has his own way of determining the credit score but is mainly comprises of few basic aspects. Credit score is based not only on the amount of money you have borrowed in past but also the record of the payments you have made towards your loan installments and credit cards. In Canada the credit history of an individual or firm is based on the information sent by the financial institutes like bank and mortgage firms to the credit-reporting agencies. Eqiuifax and TransUnion are the 2 major credit reporting agencies in Canada.
The credit score and the interest applicable on the borrowed money are inversely related. Higher the credit score, lower will be the interest rate that you need to pay for your loans and lower your credit score, you will end up paying higher interest on your borrowed sum. Make sure you pay your entire bill on time, delayed payment also affect your credit score adversely.
Credit score is mainly calculated using 5 basic factors; Payment History, Amount Owed, Length of Credit History, New Credit and the Type of Credit Used. There are agencies and people who claim to increase your credit score in few months but reality is different. Improving the credit score takes patience, time and diligence. Good credit score can be made by consistently making payments on your credit cards and other loans on time. Longer credit history makes it easy and reliable for the lender to offer lower interest rates for you borrowed money.
If you are looking forward to buy a house on mortgage, be proactive and find your current credit score. You can get it from Eqiuifax. You just have to apply for it with a nominal processing fee. Find out your credit score today and if need be, work towards improving it. This will help you buy your dream house at least possible mortgage interest rates. Happy credit building…

Tips on Selling your House Quickly

March 14th, 2011

In the recent years, the financial crisis has caused so much damaged to the economies of various countries around the world. The crisis has actually directly affected various businesses such as the real estate business. Proof of this is the records of foreclosure that have gone high. Many measures were formulated and implemented to address these issues. In these trying times, you need to be very creative and flexible and make necessary adjustments to survive and reverse the effects of the financial crisis. With this, real estate business is still a good investment. Buying houses is still appealing to many families and those are just starting to build their family. Being a real estate agent would still be a good source of high income.

To help you out in making a systematic way of promoting and selling your house, especially if you are new in the business, below are some tips you might want to consider.

1.)  Before you even think of selling your house or one of your houses, you must ensure that the house is very appealing. It should be attractive. With this, you have the assurance that many potential buyers would show their interest in buying your house. If your house is really that attractive, potential buyers would actually or might even inquire about it even if it is not for sale. With this, you can say that your house can compete in the business. Buying houses today is not the way it used to be. Buyers are really attracted to a house if the house is admirable from the outside.

2.)  Aside from ensuring that the outside look of your house is appealing, the next thing to do is to ensure that the inside also looks good and functions very well. By making the inside very appealing, there is a high probability that the buyer would not say “no” the next visit. You should make sure that the bathroom has all the amenities needed. You don’t need a real estate agent in ensuring these things. Also, you need to ensure that the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, and the sinks are of good conditions. You should also make sure that the plumbing system is in order. By satisfying these requirements, you could expect of many potential buyers inquiring about your house. With this, who can say that a house foreclosure affects the real estate business?

3.)  To attract more potential home buyers, you may create ad teasers or posters which you can post on different establishments and online. In your ad, make sure that the design gives emphasis on the beauty of the house and its amenities. You can maximize the different social networking sites in marketing your house. To make sure that your ad teaser is of good quality, you may research for some tips on how to make a good and catchy ad teaser or poster.

4.)  You can start promoting your house through your relatives, friends, and other contacts that you have. To make sure that a lot of potential buyers would inquire about the house, the key is on how you make your house known to the public.

These are just some of the tips on how to sell your house quickly. Buying houses would never be difficult if these requirements are satisfied. Don’t mind about of the effect of a foreclosure. Just consider these tips and you are off to the reverse effects of the financial crisis. The good thing about this is that you don’t even need the professional help of a real estate agent.


Realty Express, Inc. is a family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada. The business offers a range of housing solutions and specializes in quick implementation. Poor credit and mortgage problems are par for the course to them. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out how Realty Express, Inc. can solve your housing problem within a week!

Tips on How to Get Your House Sold Quickly

March 14th, 2011

The global financial crisis has gravely affected a lot of industries across the globe. It actually caused severe damage to different economies particularly in the United States. Many real estate businesses faced and even suffered from dropping profit rates. The main reason for this is the inability of the owner to pay for the dues. The result is a house foreclosure. Foreclosures happened because buying houses was made without the securities on the part of the real estate business owner on how the buyer can pay the dues. A real estate agent is also one of those gravely affected because as the business yields no profit their income is also affected.

But even if financial crisis had these very disappointing effects, the business of selling and buying houses has not yet died down. There are actually different measures that you adopt to keep making profits in selling houses. Even if there is credit crunch, you can make use of the different tips listed below:

1.)  The first thing you need to do is to coordinate with your solicitor. You need to figure out the status of your finances and mortgage. By doing this, you can ensure that you are going smoothly in selling your house.

2.)  The second thing that you need to do is seek the help of a real estate agent. You need him to do the valuation of your house. By doing this, you will have an idea on how much you can sell your house. You can also increase the value if you do renovations or upgrade to make it more attractive.

3.)  Next, get your house ready for the potential buyers. Check and ensure that the plumbing system is working and has no faults. Arrange the furniture. Clean and paint the rooms if needed. In short, make your house look new and inviting.

4.)  Related to the third tip, you need to make first impression lasts. So, you also need to give emphasis on the image of your house on the outside. Be sure the every detail, even the small ones such as the house number, is addressed. Who can now say that a house foreclosure is a threat to the real estate business?

5.)  The next thing that you need to do is to do research in your local market. Find out if there are similar properties that are for sale. You need to do this so that you can compare the prices of your house and the other properties for sale. With this, you can offer a competitive price to your potential buyers. By doing this, you can expect more inquiries from your potential buyers. The result, sale of your house quickly.

6.)  To further help you in marketing your house, create advertisements. You can produce teasers and post it on strategic areas. You can also produce online advertisements that you can post on different social networking sites. You can utilize Facebook, MySpace, and multiply. You can also expand your reach by informing your relatives and friends.

7.)  Another important point is to be careful with your pricing. You of course would want to sell your house at a high price. But if the price is too high for most of the potential buyers they will be interested anymore in buying the house. In buying houses, no would want a very high price. They always want a price that they think is appropriate to the house being sold. So, you need to seek a real estate agent that you can trust.

These are some of the tips that can be of great help in your house selling venture. Don’t mind about a house foreclosure. Consider these and sell your house quickly.


Realty Express, Inc. is a family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada. The business offers a range of housing solutions and specializes in quick implementation. Poor credit and mortgage problems are par for the course to them. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out how Realty Express, Inc. can solve your housing problem within a week!

Why Lease to Own?

March 14th, 2011

For most people who want to buy a real estate property but are challenged in shelling out a huge amount of money, lease to own option is a practical agreement in order to acquire a real estate property. The lease to own option is recommended since home buyers would have the chance to pay the amount of the property in easier terms.

Lease to own or sometines called rent to own allows a home buyer to occupy a home without having to pay the amount in full. The payment shall be settled within the agreed time frame—making it very flexible and easier for the home buyer.

The usual rent to own option required the buyer to pay higher monthly dues compared to the amount if the propert would be bough in cash. The home buyer would also be required to pay a portion of the total price of the property through the down payment.

Formal Contract

Under the lease to own agreement, a formal contract must be drafted. This should be formalized to protect the welfare of both the home buyer and the seller of the property. The contract of the lease to own agreement shall contain deatils such as the monthly rental fees, down payment, selling price, and expiration date of the agreement. Cetain contingenies and other relevant terms must also be put into writing to make everything formal about the agreement.

The home owner has the option to sell the property without having to pay a certain amount to a rela estate broker. However, the home owner must always keep in mind that advice from a broker may be hopeful in coming up with a fair and just deal. Other paymants such as the transfer fees and title insurance must be discussed prior to the contract signing between the home owner and home buyer.

The lease to buy option is apparently different from the mere rental option. The lease to buy option does not mean automatically mean the tenant would buy the property. However, it is clearly an opportunity to purchase the property in the future. The lease to buy agreement can be a very complex process that requires expertise in the field. If you are a home owner who plans to offer your property under the lease to own agreement, you may want to consult a real estate expert first so you would not end up getting screwed on the agreement. Home buyers should do the same thing.

Buying a property is a serious business, and even the smallest details of an agreement should be carefully looked into. The lease to own option is an easy way for home buyers to purchase a property under a payment set up that is very flexible. These days, buying a property that is worth thousands or millions of dollars is not that easy. Hence, the lease to own option could be a highly viable agreement that home buyers must grab. However, they should clearly understand the contract of the agreement before they shell out any hard earned amount from their part.

The Need for a Real Estate Lawyer

In some cases, property owners and home buyers would even hire a real estate lawyer to explain the details and draw the necessary documents. There are cases when the sellers would give the option money to real estate brokers or agents are full commission. However, the help of the real estate lawyer should not be replaced by the advice of a real estate broker or agent. It is still best to look into the legal matters before entering such a serious and big real estate deal. The lease to own option is very advantegeous. You just have to know the basics and seek help from experts.


Realty Express, Inc. is an experienced provider of housing solutions to home buyers based in Alberta in Canada. As family-owned business, Realty Express, Inc. aims to help people who have bad credits or low down payments who cannot qualify the bank requirements for homeonwership. Learn more about Realty Express, Inc. at www.realtyexpressinc.ca.

Current Real Estate Condition in Calgary, Alberta

March 14th, 2011

Calagary is considered a populous city in Canada. Before, there was a very high demand in the city and people were actually competing in buying real estate properties in the area. However, just like any other areas in the world, Calagary was not excused from a real estate crisis resulting to low sales in properties. It was in 2008 when the Calgary housing demand expericienced setbacks because pf the eroded affordabilty. The city, however, immediately recovered from this crisis.

Home sales in Calagary said to be higher as of September 2010. The number of single family home sales in September 2010 grew by as much as 10 percent—pegged at 958 sales compared to the statistics in August 2010 which was only 867. Meanwhile, the condominium sales for the month of September was pegged at 366 which was apparently higher on the figures recorded in August 2010 which was only 364.

While the demand for houses in the area has showed recovery, the impact on prices would mainly depend on the supply available in the market. The manifested return of demand in the last half of year 2009 has helped in absorbing the oversupply of resale and new homes in the city. The oversupply actually started in 2007 when there a rapid appreciation of new home buyers have caused the delay of their previous homes’ sale.


As for the supply of condominiums, there seems to be an oversupply of units that continued until the end of last year. And the completion of unsold units may continue in the coming months. The oversupply of unsold and unoccupied condo may persist since investor units are immediately listed for sale. However, once the excess inventory works through the marketplace, the low level of new starts may drive prices up expecially for the lower priced end in the real estate market that cannot be supplied by the single family market.

It is interesting to note that low mortgage prices and earlier price reductions have helped in improving the affordability of home ownership among residents of the city. Recently, the average home prices become closer to the average incomes of the residents. There is an apparent narrowing gap between the cost of renting and home ownership in the city, so to speak.

Smaller Communities and Affordable Options

For some residents, smaller communities in the city have provided them affordable options. The average rates in these communities have become very attractive for property hunters who wish to find an alternative to condo living while filling the gap between the condo prices and single family prices in the city.

Aside from the rates, the traffic and commute dilemma in the city of Calgary has made smaller towns more interesting for some home buyers. The job creation efforts among different smaller communities have also made some see those properties worth investing. Right now, however, the prices of properties in the city are slowly diminishing leaving some property hunters confused on where they should invest on. Basically, it depends on the preference of the home buyers—especially on the environment and actual price of properties.

The changes and trends on the real estate industry in Calgary Alberta have given birth to more options and alternatives to home owners. Those who want to invest on real estate properties in Calgary Alberta must think carefully before shelling out their money. They should also seek advice from experts who fully understand the real estate market in the city. Otherwise, they might just end up putting their money at risk. While real estate investment is a risk itself, there should be enough precautionary measures prior the actual deal.


Realty Express, Inc. is an experienced provider of housing solutions to home buyers based in Alberta in Canada. As family-owned business, Realty Express, Inc. aims to help people who have bad credits or low down payments who cannot qualify the bank requirements for homeonwership. Learn more about Realty Express, Inc. at www.realtyexpressinc.ca.

Six Reasons Why Realty Express, Inc. is the Best Place to Sell Your House

January 10th, 2011

A homeowner looking to sell his house has typically two options: hire the services of a real estate agent or attempt to sell the house on his own. What most homeowners don’t know is that there is a third alternative—real estate companies that can provide flexible solutions to cover various housing issues. Realty Express is one such company and here are six reasons why you should choose them.

  1. You don’t have to pay commissions and fees. We all know that a real estate agent earns his or her living through commissions. On the average, these can be from two to six percent of the price of the property. Other real estate companies offer a variation. They will only ask for a flat rate. You will get marketing and listing services but the trade-off is that you will be doing most of the legwork. If you happen to be in a financial tight spot, you would naturally want to minimize spending and maximize earnings. Realty Express is not a realtor, they don’t charge any commissions or fees for their services. By choosing this third option, you get to keep all the money from the sale.
  1. Save yourself the trouble of advertising and marketing on your own. One of the more frequently mentioned disadvantages of trying to sell your house on your own is the hassle of looking for buyers. Not everyone prefers a hands-on approach—putting up the ads, organizing the open house, negotiating the price, etc. Not especially if you happen to be facing a foreclosure down the road and pressed for time. Thus sellers naturally hire the services of a broker. Marketing solutions however are not exclusive to such agents. Realty Express cultivates a network of buyers and can actually offer the same level of service without the fees.
  1. Don’t get bogged down by paperwork. Another thing that justifiably intimidates home owners from going the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route is the paperwork. Unless you are actually quite familiar with drawing up contracts and forms, it is generally not a good idea to attempt this on your own. There are two kinds of professions that are commonly proficient in this task, real estate agents and lawyers. Realty Express, being in the business of buying houses, uses the latter to handle the paperwork and close the deals.
  1. Stop worrying about the salability of your house. You have been living in that house for quite some time so some wear and tear is only to be expected. Given the state it may be in, you’re naturally wondering about the value or if it would even sell. A real estate agent would probably advise you to do a little home improvement. But you’re selling the house in the first place because money is tight. One of the unique offers of Realty Express is that they can buy your house without counting the area location and house condition as significant factors.
  1. Receive a quick response. The way things are going in the economy right now, property foreclosure is unfortunately becoming a more common event. Realtors will often put forward their connections and their ability to negotiate a higher price. In more dire circumstances however, timing might actually be a more important issue for the seller. This is where Realty Express has the upper hand over traditional real estate companies. Since they don’t charge commissions, your house goes on the market at a more competitive and attractive price which means it will sell faster. Also because they actually have a stable of ready buyers on hand, they are able to quickly close deals.
  1. Acquire a proper solution. The standard methods of buying houses that a realtor may employ don’t cover certain scenarios. Here’s one example. Let’s say you have a pretty hefty mortgage penalty and the rate and terms are locked. One solution Realty Express can offer is to buy your house quickly and set the payout date before the penalty kicks in.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Realty Express, Inc. is a family owned business based in Alberta, Canada. The business specializes in providing quick and flexible housing solutions for both buyers and sellers. Situations involving bad credit scores and problematic mortgages are nothing new to Realty Express. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out how Realty Express can solve your housing problem.

It’s Never Too Late To Own a House: Realty Express, Inc. Has Options for You!

January 10th, 2011

When you read the news these days, it seems like more homeowners are succumbing to the tragedy of foreclosure. The current status of the real estate market is enough to scare renters to resign themselves to their fate. Probably one of the reasons why companies like Realty Express are beginning to receive greater demand is that they can offer more solutions than your typical real estate agent or broker. They particularly cater to that segment that often gets marginalized. Those that, due to bad credit or some other reason, find it difficult to apply for a good mortgage and are seemingly forever denied the pride of home ownership.

Rent versus Rent-to-Own

When you look at the house-for-sale section of the classified ads, 90% of what you can find fit into the traditional ‘retail’ scheme. If you look further you can find more flexible options in the remaining 10%. One of these alternative ways to buying houses is called lease-to-own or rent-to-own. The basic idea is you occupy a house and make monthly payments, just like in a regular rent agreement, but a portion of your monthly payments goes to the total purchase price of the house. Then at the end of the lease term, you can actually buy and own the house. When you rent, the monthly payments are mere expenditure. With a rent-to-own, the monthly payments become an investment. Special financing for lease-to-own homes is one of the housing solutions Realty Express offers its customers.

Overcome Poor Credit

Some people give up and simply accept the fact that home ownership is something that is just beyond their capacity to grasp. Your credit score is one of the first things that a real estate agent or a bank will look into when you’re shopping for a home. Unless you actually have the money available to purchase a house outright, you’re going to have to take out a loan and good credit can help you get favorable loan terms. Going the lease-to-own route is one way to overcome this major obstacle to home ownership because the lease period gives you enough time to build up and improve your credit. Realty Express can help guide you through this process of hitting two birds with one stone.

Get Past the High Down Payment

Another major obstacle that most people encounter when buying houses is the initial down payment. Some people even have to take two jobs just to pool together enough savings to overcome this starting hurdle. Compared to a standard retail home purchase, lease-to-own arrangements are less regulated and this means that the terms can be more adjustable. The down payment, the total purchase price, the lease term, and the monthly payments can all be negotiated. Realty Express, being a specialist in this area, can help a customer bring down the initial expenditures. Thus you can quickly and easily live in your prospective home without necessarily wiping out your bank account.

Build equity

It can be said that a lease-to-own home has better chances of withstanding foreclosure because by the very nature of such agreements, the lessee/buyer is forced to build equity. One of the benefits of going the lease-to-own route is that you can lock in the purchase price of a house you’re thinking of buying. With that set, every monthly payment you pay promptly not only puts you on the good side of a lending institution but it also establishes your equity on the property. Instead of throwing money down a hole through rent, the monthly payments you make on a lease-to-own home buy you shares of the property’s value. Realty Express even promises to show you certain methods to make these payments faster without additional cost.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Fast and reliable are the words to describe the services offered by Realty Express, Inc. This family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada provides housing solutions that can answer the needs of both buyer and seller. And Realty Express, Inc. can do it within 24 hours. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out more.

Five Things Realty Express, Inc. Can Help You Best

January 10th, 2011

Customer needs can be quite different from one another. A generic approach won’t always work and the same is true in the real estate industry. More companies are beginning to realize that the circumstances of both buyers and sellers come in all shapes and sizes. Realty Express, Inc. is one such company that knows this essential fact and their key to successfully providing housing solutions for their customers is flexibility.

Quickly sell your house

For some reason or another, you decide to sell your property and naturally one of the first things you do is look for a real estate agent or broker to handle the process. The standard advantage of going with a broker is access to the marketing and listing services they provide. However an agent knowing a lot of people doesn’t necessarily result in him being able to quickly sell your house. There are cases where the speed at which the deal can be closed is more important. Speed is one of the unique selling points of Realty Express. In fact they promise to get you a response within 24 hours. This is can be a great relief for people who are facing foreclosure.

Stop worrying about your house’s salability

Another exceptional offer that Realty Express has for its customers is that they will buy your house despite the location and its condition. That’s something you don’t always hear from companies who are also in the business of buying houses. A typical real estate agent would probably advice you to do some home improvements to jack up the value. But not everyone has the extra resources to spend for such an endeavor. Realty Express’ relatively open criteria in this aspect, can be particularly helpful to sellers who are in financial crisis and are in need of quick cash.

Purchase a lease-to-own home

Realty Express is not only good at buying houses but also in providing them. One of the less traditional ways they help buyers is to offer them lease-to-own homes. The prospect of purchasing a house through the customary retail approach can be quite daunting for those with bad credit. The initial down payment alone could be enough to discourage them. Because the terms in a lease-to-own agreement are more flexible, home ownership becomes a reachable goal. It provides you the opportunity to improve your credit and build equity. Essentially it can be a method to establish your financial security.

Acquire suitable home financing

Some people who own two or more properties but are finding it difficult to make the payments, usually resort to selling one of them to avoid foreclosure on the others. Realty Express’ quick and reliable methods can help you sell one of your houses and save the rest. They will even schedule the payout in such a way that you can stay ahead of the mortgage penalties. Meanwhile for those looking to buy a home, Realty Express can also provide financing programs to ease the overcoming of hurdles like loans and heavy initial down payments. They focus on the segment whose needs are not easily met by the traditional methods of typical brokers and thus offer more flexible solutions.

Lower property-related costs

Whether you’re buying or selling property there are always costs involved. Realty Express help sellers by providing the services you could expect from a regular real estate agent but as they are not realtors, they won’t actually charge any commission or fees. As commissions on the average range from two to six percent of the purchase price, you can very well count how much you could save while still receiving a comparable level of service.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Realty Express, Inc. is a family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada. The business offers a range of housing solutions and specializes in quick implementation. Poor credit and mortgage problems are par for the course to them. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out how Realty Express, Inc. can solve your housing problem within a week!

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Lease-To-Own Home

January 10th, 2011

You want to buy a house but you don’t have enough to make the down payment or your credit score is not good enough to apply for a favorable mortgage. Before you resign yourself to being a renter all your life, think about the lease to own approach to finally having your own home. It goes by other names. Sometimes this type of purchasing agreement is called rent to own, lease to buy, or more commonly lease option. The basic idea is fairly simple. You lease a house and make monthly payments like a regular rent arrangement but this time at the end of the lease term, you can purchase and own the house. It’s a good way to buy yourself some time to save more money and improve your credit while already occupying the place that could turn out to be your permanent address. Naturally there are several other details you need to know about this approach.


The option money or fee is the very first and probably most important aspect you have to consider. This amount is paid upfront and goes to the purchase price. Sometimes it could be equal to two or more month’s rent or in other cases a small percentage of the purchase price. It can seem like a security deposit, especially when the lease to buy agreement you’ve entered requires you to pay it initially. However there is one major critical difference. Unlike the security deposit which is returned to you when you conclude your lease, the option fee cannot be redeemed. Monthly payments in a lease to own arrangement are generally higher than regular rent because the option money is also added to it.


Prospective buyers use the lease option way of purchasing a house as a way of locking in the price of the property. Because the purchase price has already been agreed upon, any general or local increase in real property value won’t affect the rent to own house. But the ‘locking-in’ goes both ways. Yes, you have the option to not buy the house but are you really just going to flush away all that monthly option money you’ve been paying for two or three years. The use of the term ‘option’ can be misleading. You have to be pretty sure you’re going to buy the house at the end of the lease term before you actually enter into any agreement with the owner.


Check out the neighborhood and test the plumbing. When you’re satisfied and decided about buying the house, start making plans to ensure you actually have the capacity to do so. Building a history of prompt payments on your lease to own home is a good way to improve your credit. You’ll also need to apply for the loan early, at least 2 months before the lease ends, so that the mortgage is ready by that time. Take note that some lending institutions offer refinancing plans for lease options. Such plans are generally easier to apply for and quicker to process than new mortgages.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Realty Express Inc. is Canada’s quick and reliable housing solution provider. Issues with down payments and bad credit are just a 24 hour assignment for them. Whether you’re buying or selling, this family business provides services for both sides of the market. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find the housing solution you need.

Six Advantages of Selling Your House to Realty Express

December 8th, 2010

Have you been looking into selling your house but are quite unsure of how to exactly go about it? If you think enlisting the help of a real estate agent is the only way to go about expediting the sale, think again. If you decide to proceed with selling your home to Realty Express, Inc., then you are afforded a number of extremely rare advantages.

1. Saving sizeable amounts of money in the process. Selling a house entails spending of inordinate amounts of money for advertising and real estate listings. This way, the house gets proper exposure to serious buyers. Not everyone has the funds for this though. If you are one of the folks who do not have or simply do not want to spend any more money than what is needed for closing a sale, then this option is definitely for you.

2. Access to immediate help in time of financial distress. People who own multiple houses but are in terrible financial distress would rather sell some of their homes than have the other ones go into foreclosure. Sure they can go hock the house on their own. But given the market performance, they will definitely have a hard time finding determined buyers. By selling your house to Realty Express, Inc., the process is much quicker. This then allows for faster recouping of equity payments to have funds to save other properties in danger of repossession.

3. Benefit from selling your house with a high degree of certainty. Dealing with companies that are into the business of buying houses is almost always a guaranteed sale. Unlike with selling on your own or through a realtor, you won’t have much luck. Sometimes, it would take years for a fairly priced property to sell. If you do not have this much luxury of time, then opt to offer your house to Realty Express, Inc. as soon as possible.

4. Exclusive listing. You never know when your property might just be in-demand. And if you are not knowledgeable about how the market works, you may sign a document ensuring commission to a Real Estate Agent, only to find out you’ve signed an agreement giving him or her exclusive rights to find buyers. Of course now you won’t be able to look for other buyers. By selling to reputable businesses, you won’t encounter these scenarios. You won’t be forced into giving up your property if you feel in any way uncomfortable about the deal.

5. Do away with lengthy paperwork. Selling a house entails taking care of a lot of paperwork. If you sell your house directly to businesses that are buying houses, you will steer clear of such a tedious undertaking.

6. Much bigger chances of getting a good price. Another beauty about selling a house through this option is the possibility of getting more for your beloved home. Negotiations are encouraged and you will be oriented as to the fee structure. You might even get lucky and have all fees and charges taken care of, depending on the final agreement.

Realty Express, Inc. realizes that financial distress such as foreclosure can be the main reason for wanting to sell your house. This is why the process of purchasing is conducted in a fast manner to avoid even the slightest trouble for you. And if you do decide to sell to us, you’ll be happy to know that we are able to come up with a reasonable offer in as little as 24 hours to help you better weigh your options

For more information,  Please visit our site:  http://www.realtyexpressinc.ca