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Five Advantages of Selling Your House to Realty Express

December 8th, 2010

Having no luck in selling your house in the market? If you badly need to dispose of your home for whatever reasons, then you might want to consider selling to Realty Express, Inc. If you are quite unconvinced as to how you will get to benefit from such an arrangement, then read on to find out.

1. Immediate release of the equity payments. Are you in a terribly sticky financial situation? Perhaps you have multiple homes and you are having trouble making mortgage payments on time? While you can always apply for refinancing, it is no longer that easy to avail of financial assistance these days. Instead of facing the prospect of foreclosure, why not sell your house quickly through Realty Express, Inc.? This way, the equity payments on your homes are quickly released. This in turn gives you more leeway to take care of past due mortgage payments on your other houses, to finally get the lenders off of your back.

2. Do away with dealing with a real estate agent. If you are one of those who dislike even the slightest possibility of doing business with realtors, you need have not to. By selling your house directly to Realty Express, Inc., you are assured of straightforward negotiations always.

3. Steer clear of paperwork filing. Needless to say, selling a house requires putting into order a number of official documents. And if you think you will be able to accomplish this all in one day, think again. This task could take days, if not weeks to get fully done. Paperwork filing alone could take up much of your time, so good luck on trying to sell a house quickly to save another from immediate foreclosure. But if you decide to go for Realty Express, Inc., all paperwork filing tasks are taken out of your hands for a much easier and quicker transaction.

4. Bigger chances of a guaranteed sale. If you sell your house on your own or through a real estate agent‘s assistance, you will have little to no luck of selling the house quickly. You might get calls from potential buyers while you are at work. Of course you will agree to come home to show them the house in the hopes of finally closing a deal. But more often than not, such are vacillating buyers, those who are still on the lookout and are not really serious with immediate home buying. So instead of wasting your time, opt to sell directly and surely to firms that are into the business of buying houses.

5. Eliminates the need to shoulder advertising costs. You will have to spend out of pocket for property listings and advertisements if you want your property to get the proper exposure it needs in the housing market. Of course, this will be costly, especially if you will opt for prime positions on the ads. And who knows how long you will need to fork out this much money? Unless of course you get to close a deal immediately, then all these would have been worth it. But instead of putting so much investment into selling your house, opt to sell it to big businesses interested in buying houses instead. This way, you get to do away with all of these superfluous costs. After all, you are selling the house to get as much money as you can, and not lose it along the way.

We want your selling to be a positive experience, which is why we are happy to inform you that we are able to present a fair offer within 24 hours. This way, you get to weigh your options immediately and fast track your decision making process.

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