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Five Things Realty Express, Inc. Can Help You Best

January 10th, 2011

Customer needs can be quite different from one another. A generic approach won’t always work and the same is true in the real estate industry. More companies are beginning to realize that the circumstances of both buyers and sellers come in all shapes and sizes. Realty Express, Inc. is one such company that knows this essential fact and their key to successfully providing housing solutions for their customers is flexibility.

Quickly sell your house

For some reason or another, you decide to sell your property and naturally one of the first things you do is look for a real estate agent or broker to handle the process. The standard advantage of going with a broker is access to the marketing and listing services they provide. However an agent knowing a lot of people doesn’t necessarily result in him being able to quickly sell your house. There are cases where the speed at which the deal can be closed is more important. Speed is one of the unique selling points of Realty Express. In fact they promise to get you a response within 24 hours. This is can be a great relief for people who are facing foreclosure.

Stop worrying about your house’s salability

Another exceptional offer that Realty Express has for its customers is that they will buy your house despite the location and its condition. That’s something you don’t always hear from companies who are also in the business of buying houses. A typical real estate agent would probably advice you to do some home improvements to jack up the value. But not everyone has the extra resources to spend for such an endeavor. Realty Express’ relatively open criteria in this aspect, can be particularly helpful to sellers who are in financial crisis and are in need of quick cash.

Purchase a lease-to-own home

Realty Express is not only good at buying houses but also in providing them. One of the less traditional ways they help buyers is to offer them lease-to-own homes. The prospect of purchasing a house through the customary retail approach can be quite daunting for those with bad credit. The initial down payment alone could be enough to discourage them. Because the terms in a lease-to-own agreement are more flexible, home ownership becomes a reachable goal. It provides you the opportunity to improve your credit and build equity. Essentially it can be a method to establish your financial security.

Acquire suitable home financing

Some people who own two or more properties but are finding it difficult to make the payments, usually resort to selling one of them to avoid foreclosure on the others. Realty Express’ quick and reliable methods can help you sell one of your houses and save the rest. They will even schedule the payout in such a way that you can stay ahead of the mortgage penalties. Meanwhile for those looking to buy a home, Realty Express can also provide financing programs to ease the overcoming of hurdles like loans and heavy initial down payments. They focus on the segment whose needs are not easily met by the traditional methods of typical brokers and thus offer more flexible solutions.

Lower property-related costs

Whether you’re buying or selling property there are always costs involved. Realty Express help sellers by providing the services you could expect from a regular real estate agent but as they are not realtors, they won’t actually charge any commission or fees. As commissions on the average range from two to six percent of the purchase price, you can very well count how much you could save while still receiving a comparable level of service.

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Realty Express, Inc. is a family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada. The business offers a range of housing solutions and specializes in quick implementation. Poor credit and mortgage problems are par for the course to them. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out how Realty Express, Inc. can solve your housing problem within a week!