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FSBO Script1

Pre-fill asking price/phone/address (if provided) before call.

*Asking price: _______________________

*Phone: ____________________________

*Address: ___________________________

Hi, I saw your ad on [website] _____________.  Are you the person to talk to about the house for sale?

Hi, my name is [your name].  *What’s yours  _______________________________ 

Great, I am calling on behalf of a group of investors looking to buy several houses in [city].  Do you mind me asking some questions to determine if your property fit our buying criteria? 

*What’s the address of your house [seller name]? (If not advertised in the ad) __________________________________________

*If we were to have your house appraised it today, how much do you think it would go for? _________________________

You know [seller name], sometimes we buy houses by taking over your mortgage payment and pay cash for your equity.  *Would this be something you consider?         YES   or   NO

  • If they say YES, then ask:
    • *What’s your mortgage amount? ___________________________
    • *What’s your monthly payment   _______________   biweekly/monthly

*What’s the least you will take if we pay you cash and close whenever you want? ________________________________

*Does it need repair?  ____________________________________________________

*When do you need to move? ______________________________________________

Thank you for time, we will process these information and if fit our buying criteria, we will definitely call you back.  What’s the best number to reach you?  ___________________________

At any time during the call you may give them our office number if requested or if they need to ask anything you cannot answer: 403-457-3868