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FSBO Script2

FSBO Info Script

Seller Phone:

Hi, I saw your ad on [website/newspaper].  Are you the person to talk to about the house for sale?

Hi, my name’s [your first name].  *What was your name?  ______________________________

Okay, now your house is in [city] is that right?

*What’s the address? ____________________________________________________________

Okay, I’m calling on behalf of my company.  We buy several houses a month and we’re definitely interested in that area.  Can you tell me a bit about the house?

Year Built: Is it a Bi-Level / 2 Storey / 4-Level-Split /
# Beds: # Baths:
Square Footage above grade: Is Basement developed:
Who’s living in the home:  
*When are you looking to move?
Can I ask the reason you’re selling?

Great, your house sounds like the kind we’re looking for too.  You know, sometimes we can buy by taking over your mortgage payments even if your mortgage is not assumable.  You have a mortgage on the house right?  Can I ask how much you owe on it?

*1st Mortgage Balance: *Payments:                                     (monthly/biweekly)
*2nd Mortgage Balance: *Payments:                                     (monthly/biweekly)
*What kind of shape is the house in?
* How much do you think your house is worth? (ie. market price of home)?
*Let me ask you this [seller name], if we were to pay you cash and close whenever you want, what’s the least you would accept?
Is that the best you can do?

Okay, great.  I have all the information I need and I’ll send it to my colleagues.  Someone will be getting back with you either later today or tomorrow.  Do you have a cell phone?   _____________________

Great talk to you soon!

*If the seller asks for our company phone number, please provide with our office line at 403-457-3868.