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It’s Never Too Late To Own a House: Realty Express, Inc. Has Options for You!

January 10th, 2011

When you read the news these days, it seems like more homeowners are succumbing to the tragedy of foreclosure. The current status of the real estate market is enough to scare renters to resign themselves to their fate. Probably one of the reasons why companies like Realty Express are beginning to receive greater demand is that they can offer more solutions than your typical real estate agent or broker. They particularly cater to that segment that often gets marginalized. Those that, due to bad credit or some other reason, find it difficult to apply for a good mortgage and are seemingly forever denied the pride of home ownership.

Rent versus Rent-to-Own

When you look at the house-for-sale section of the classified ads, 90% of what you can find fit into the traditional ‘retail’ scheme. If you look further you can find more flexible options in the remaining 10%. One of these alternative ways to buying houses is called lease-to-own or rent-to-own. The basic idea is you occupy a house and make monthly payments, just like in a regular rent agreement, but a portion of your monthly payments goes to the total purchase price of the house. Then at the end of the lease term, you can actually buy and own the house. When you rent, the monthly payments are mere expenditure. With a rent-to-own, the monthly payments become an investment. Special financing for lease-to-own homes is one of the housing solutions Realty Express offers its customers.

Overcome Poor Credit

Some people give up and simply accept the fact that home ownership is something that is just beyond their capacity to grasp. Your credit score is one of the first things that a real estate agent or a bank will look into when you’re shopping for a home. Unless you actually have the money available to purchase a house outright, you’re going to have to take out a loan and good credit can help you get favorable loan terms. Going the lease-to-own route is one way to overcome this major obstacle to home ownership because the lease period gives you enough time to build up and improve your credit. Realty Express can help guide you through this process of hitting two birds with one stone.

Get Past the High Down Payment

Another major obstacle that most people encounter when buying houses is the initial down payment. Some people even have to take two jobs just to pool together enough savings to overcome this starting hurdle. Compared to a standard retail home purchase, lease-to-own arrangements are less regulated and this means that the terms can be more adjustable. The down payment, the total purchase price, the lease term, and the monthly payments can all be negotiated. Realty Express, being a specialist in this area, can help a customer bring down the initial expenditures. Thus you can quickly and easily live in your prospective home without necessarily wiping out your bank account.

Build equity

It can be said that a lease-to-own home has better chances of withstanding foreclosure because by the very nature of such agreements, the lessee/buyer is forced to build equity. One of the benefits of going the lease-to-own route is that you can lock in the purchase price of a house you’re thinking of buying. With that set, every monthly payment you pay promptly not only puts you on the good side of a lending institution but it also establishes your equity on the property. Instead of throwing money down a hole through rent, the monthly payments you make on a lease-to-own home buy you shares of the property’s value. Realty Express even promises to show you certain methods to make these payments faster without additional cost.

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Fast and reliable are the words to describe the services offered by Realty Express, Inc. This family-owned real estate company based in Alberta, Canada provides housing solutions that can answer the needs of both buyer and seller. And Realty Express, Inc. can do it within 24 hours. Visit www.realtyexpressinc.ca and find out more.