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We Can Help You Buy and Own Your Own Home, Right Now, Regardless of Your Financial Circumstances

You can stop flushing away your rent money every month, stop making your landlord rich, and buy a home of your very own right now, and we can help you every step of the way.  In fact, we do most of the work for you.

What about Credit Problems?

Even if you do not have perfect credit or are self employed, there are loans available for you.  Whatever your current situation, there’s a home loan just right for you – and we’ll find it for you.

Won’t I Need a Big Down Payment?

You do not need a large chunk of money for a down payment.  If you’ve been held back by the idea that you have to save up $20,000 or more to put down to buy a good home, I’ll show you how to avoid that altogether.  You’ll need little money but you’ll be surprised how little.

Every Month You Wait, You’re Flushing Your Hard-Earned Money Right Down the Toilet!

Renting is a waste of money.  You make your landlord rich, but you do nothing for yourself.  By putting those exact same dollars into a “house payment” instead of “rent”, you create “equity”…  Value that you own, that later can send your kids to college, finance the start-up of your own business, or pay for your retirement.  Be your own landlord and build up a future of financial security.  I’ll even show you easy strategies to speed up the payoff of your home without making extra payments.

You can use home ownership as the “foundation” of a complete change in your finances.

Why Not Explore This Idea?

What Do You Have to Lose?

Tell us about the requirements of your new home using the form on the right and we will email you what we have available and keep you updated on what’s coming up soon. When you find a house you like, we will work with you to customize a Lease-to-Own program that’s right for you.

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