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Information with * are required to submit the form. At any time during the call if sellers ask information about our company, you can refer them to our website at www.RealtyExpressInc.ca and provide our office line at 403-457-3868 (Hanna). You can introduce yourself as my associate.

Pre-call Information

*Rent Price
*Seller Phone
*Ad ID

Call Script

Hi, I saw your rent ad on

Are you the person to talk to about the house for sale?

*Hi, my name is [name]. What's yours?

Hi [seller name], I'm calling on behalf of a group of local investors looking to buy a few houses in your area. Would you consider selling the house you currently have for rent? (if no, end your call here, otherwise, continue with the script.) Great, let me ask you some questions about the house.

*What’s the address of the house [seller name]?
*(Perfect) How much do you think your house worth today?
*What is the condition of the house
*Does it need any repairs?
 Yes No
*Is the house vacant and ready for immediate purchase?

Great, well we're definitely looking to buy in your area. You know [seller name], sometimes we can buy houses by taking over mortgage payment and pay cash for your equity.

*Do you have a mortgage on the house?
 Yes No

If Yes, enter mortgage information. If there is no mortgage, enter 0.

*What's your mortgage balance? $
*And your monthly payment on that? $
Monthly or Bi-weekly?
 Monthly Bi-weekly
Payment current
 Yes No
2nd Mortgage/Line of Credit Balance if seller talks about it
*Okay, great, let me ask you this last question [seller name], if we were to pay you all cash and close whenever you want, what's the least you could accept? $
So you're saying that if we offer you less than [price], you will not look at the offer?

Well, that's all the questions I have. Thank you for time [seller name], we will process this information and if it works for us we'll definitely call you back. Thanks again and talk to you soon!

Additional Information

Additional comments

Questions/Objection from Sellers – how to handle them:

Some people may ask if you’re working for a Realtor, tell them this:
We’re not Realtors, we’re investors looking for houses to buy. Realtors don’t buy houses, they list them. We actually buy.

Sellers won’t tell you their address:
[seller name], we need all the necessary information before we can proceed to buy your house. Will giving me your address be a problem for you? (if yes, OK, thank you for your time and have a nice evening simply hang up)

Why do you need my mortgage information:
Well [seller name], sometimes we can buy houses by taking over the existing mortgage. What this means to you is that we can pay top dollar for your house and avoid any mortgage payout penalties on your part.

What do you mean by taking over my mortgage? How does that work?
[seller name] I’m not the best person to answer that, but my partner Hanna will give you all the details on how we buy if we can work with the numbers you give us.